Once I got pregnant with my first girl I found out I had P.O.T.S which stands for Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome. This affects your blood pressure heart rate and so many other things.

It’s started with me not being able to stand through surgery as a vet tech. Doctors chalked it up to a blood sugar problem. It’s wasn’t until I found out I was pregnant that my doctor figured it out. There is no cure and no treatment that works for everyone.

Mostly it’s no caffeine, alcohol or too much sugar. You need to drink a crap ton of water and Gatorade. (I have to pee ALL the time) I can’t stand or sit to long. If I do I get dizzy my heart rate shoots up and if I don’t catch it in time I pass out.

I have been on medication to lower and rise my blood pressure to try and control it. I’m happy to say I’m not on medication now. I just know my limitations.

This disease had changed my life. I had to switch careers get a sit down job. I can’t go anywhere alone with my kids in case I have a flare up. I can’t grocery shop due to lines. Thank goodness for grocery pick up.

It’s causes anxiety which makes me have flare ups. So its a terrible cycle. This is wear breathing comes in handy. I never noticed how much I hold my breath until my boyfriend told me.

I’m constantly reminding myself to breath. You will probably hear me talk about my health issues a lot so I figured I would explain them.

From missing work to not being able to play with my kids as long as I like. I try to make the best of a pain on the ass thing. I refuse to let it control my life. I just have to take a big breathe and take it as it comes.

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