I don’t understand cooking

I can’t hardly cook at all. I can bake and make stuff in a crock pot but that’s about it.

I think some people just don’t have it. That “it” factor that makes cooking so easy. It makes my chest tight to think about people who just put a “dash” of something in.

I must measure it. I can’t do it any other way my mind overthinks and I’ll end up putting way to much of whatever it is in the food.

Also the time needed for cooking is stupid. I guess it’s not, I just don’t have the time for it.

By the time I get home the kids are starving to death. When I do cook there is a big mess to clean up when I’m done. I only have 2 hours between getting home and the kids bedtime I just want to spend it with them.

Even for lunches we usually don’t have leftovers. I need up eating a somewhat okay frozen meal. I have to get it together soon my 5 year old is starting kindergarten this year.

I wish money wasn’t a issue and I could work part time and have time to cook every night for my family.

I shouldn’t let myself feel so guilty, I’m doing the best I can. I just need to take a breathe and know this is my best right now.

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