Here I go

I don’t consider myself someone who would start a blog. I have never been hip to trendy things. In fact I had to search how to start a blog.

I guess I’m starting this just to have someone for myself. I’m a mom of two girls, they are 3 and 5. They are a hand full and keep me busy ALL THE TIME. But, I have never loved people so much before. They are my entire life and I would do anything for them.

My boyfriend and I have been together for about 11 years. We have been through it all the good the bad and the ugly. We got together not long after high school and we have been side by side almost every day after we got together. He is a wonderful dad to our girls. There is just so much love even when I want to slap him sometimes.

He works full time and about a year ago started his own YouTube channel. It has grown a lot and I am so proud of him.

That is one reason I wanted to start this blog. Just something of my own I can feel good about, even if no one else reads this.

I share EVERYTHING like most mom’s I’m sure. My food my drinks my bathroom time. I get about an hour to myself when my girls go to bed before I’m so tired I pass out.

So this blog is for people who’s plates are over full. People who sometimes just want to cry, yell or give up. How do I get through it all…..I have to remind myself to breathe.

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