Jack n the crack

As I leave my doctor office I’m starving. I decide to stop and get a cheese burger and eat before hitting the highway.

I pull up order a JBC (junior bacon cheese burger) and small curly fry. The lady takes my money and is super nice.

Then this guy stick half his body out to hand me my order. He says very slowly I think trying to sound sexy. “Hey girl here is your junior…bacon…burger and your MEDIUM fry.” Now I have total brain fog and just think that’s what I ordered. He continues “That’s right I gave you a medium not a small” I awkwardly take my food say thank you and leave.

A couple issues I have with this.

First I hate being hit on. If that’s what it was I am not sure I would know. I just want my food and not am uncomfortable moment. I’m happily taken.

Two I ordered curly fries and you gave me regular. I don’t understand why they even serve regular fries. Who wants that?

So thanks for the upgrade but it was a downgrade. Everyone please note if you get me fries and there are curly ones available and you get me regular…. I will throw a fit. No breathing for this one, I take my food seriously.

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