Is the bunny jig up?

If you ask me the Easter Bunny is scary. No matter what the costume is, it tends to come off as creepy.

My kids daycare recently had a Easter party with someone dressed up as a bunny. I picked up my girls and they had so much fun.

My 5 year old tells me about the bunny. “Mommy I think the bunny was just a person dressed up in a costume.”

I don’t really know what to say at this point…is the jig up on the bunny. She is so young not to believe. Do I be honest and tell her the truth? Or make up a bullshit lie? Is my 3 year old listening to this? Will she have questions? Is she going to tell the other kids at daycare? I can’t let her do that. I tend to spin out of control quickly as you can tell.

She continues “I think it was one of the teachers I could see her eyes. I could also see her skin where the gloves on her hands were.” I just say oh really.

Finally then she asked “when is the Easter Bunny coming to our house? Thank goodness she still believes now I can talk. I told her the Easter Bunny will see be coming on Sunday.

I look over at my 3year and she is in her own tiny world and isn’t listening. I’m in the clear. Now I can go back to breathing normal as I hold my breathe without realizing when I’m uncomfortable.

On the agenda now I have to plan everything I’m going to say for future questions on all the lies we tell our children.

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