Holiday overload

I love the holidays but I also hate them. We went to see both sides of the family today. Which I love doing it just makes for a LONG day.

All the sugar made my children lose their freaking mind. So our 2nd stop got cut short due to me knowing my kids were about to lost it and start crying over everything.

When we leave my 3 year old fights sleep the whole time. Of course its when we are about two minutes from the house she decides fall asleep. She couldn’t fall asleep when we first left which we have about a 30 minute drive home, that would have been a good power nap.

As we are home everyone is randomly crying about everything. If I’m being honest I should include myself I just wanted a nap too. So me bitting people’s heads off probably didn’t help.

I’m a pretty home bound person, so being gone all day is exhausting. Now my 3 year is crying because she wants more candy, my 5 year old is crying because she thinks I don’t like her anymore for some reason.

They are driving me nuts. I decide to go outside with them. Usually they are always happy outside. Well then my 5 year olds newly found allergies act up and her eye is swollen. Back inside to the war zone.

Luckily their dad took my tiny one back outside. Needless to say I put their little asses to bed an hour early and they are out like a light.

I’m going to go eat a left over brownie that my boyfriend’s mom made, read a chapter in my book called “I might regret this” and relax.

Now keep in mind I still have laundry to switch, fold and put away. But I’m going to try and forget about that for like 30 minutes or so.

Everyone especially mommy’s out there need to make time for yourself. I’m used to taking care of everyone else so I know it’s hard to remember. When the girls are finally quite and I know they are sleeping I take the biggest breathe in knowing I can finally relax.

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