Bedtime struggle

I try to keep a strict bedtime routine with my kids. No tv a couple hours before bed time. Brush teeth go potty the normal stuff.

Somehow it’s still a surprise every night. I’ll say who wants to brush their teeth. They both yell back NO ONE.

They do love our routine of having a 3 book minimum every night. Sometimes when I don’t feel good I’ll try and skip one. Oh hell no they will not let that happen. So if I have a headache I ask them to read. Nothing is cuter than hearing your 3 and 5 year old try to read.

After the books is the hard part. Everyone is thirsty or needs a tissue or a hug a different blanket. That list could go on and on.

Tonight my 3 year old bit herself just to be able to come out so I can kiss her boo boo. My girls share a room so I am telling them over and over to stop talking. Even though it’s adorable hearing them giggle with each other. Most the time it’s them yelling at each other “stop it….dont touch me….give that back”

As you can see in the picture above one of my girls thought she could sleep with her bed covered in toys. As I’m removing them she says “Mommy I can’t sleep without ALL my toys” at this point I’m over it and just tell her she’s fine and give her a kiss goodnight.

So when you feel like losing your mind because your kids won’t just shut up and go to bed you are not alone.

I have to remind myself that they are only little once. One day they won’t care if I tuck them in and give them bed time kisses. So take a breath and go fix your 5 years old pony tail for the 4th time and get the bunny not the dog stuffed animal. Enjoy them while they are little. Because one day they will be all grown up.

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