Get them outside

In today’s world it’s so easy to stay inside. Just watch t.v. your phone or for the kids playing games on tablets. Now don’t get me wrong we do all of those things sometimes.

However outside time is still the favorite. The whole family was happy when winter was FINALLY OVER.

My girls amaze me with their imagination if they both have a baby doll in their hands they are set. Just adding hula hoops, chalk, a jump rope and bubbles and we are outside all day.

Melts my heart to see them chasing each other around laughing and playing. I see to often kids that don’t get outside at all glued to their screens.

I’ve see parents doing the same thing. We took the girls to the park one day, I watched a man push his little girl on the swing while watching his phone. She would try and talk to him and he would give one word answers if any at all. Never looked up from his phone once.

Now I understand people have things going on but it made me so sad. I just wanted to go play with her. I watch people sit in their car on their phones while their little kids play.

It’s their loss I love the memories of playing with my kids. You have to make time for them. Now I do have lazy days where I want to sit inside and do nothing. It’s not fair to them so I take a deep breathe get my lazy ass up and go outside to play.

So make time for your kids. I am always trying to do better myself. Get them outside away from screens interacting with other people, getting exercise and sunlight. Help them live their best life.

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