Don’t tell me what to do

Let me start by saying my boyfriend and I have been sharing a car for months and things are tense sometimes.

We are doing our usual routine of getting the girls; we also do a grocery pick up. I am usually not the one who drives but, tonight I was. After leaving with our groceries, I make my first stop we hear bags in the back rolling around.

Immediately my boyfriend says, “whoa crazy driver.” I brush that off and keep going. Every single freaking time I go around a corner or barely hit the brakes things are rolling around in the back.

At this point my boyfriend is trying to give me driving tips. Now I don’t know about you, but I hate being told what to do. I’m immediately annoyed.

Me “Maybe it’s the way the bags were put in.”

Him “Maybe you should hit the brakes softer.”

Me “I don’t know how I could hit them any softer.”

Him “You just need to hit them sooner so you don’t have to hit them so hard.”

Me “Oh is that how brakes work thanks for letting me know.”

We have a 20 minute drive home so this went on for a while. By the time we get to our driveway I could not be more aggravated.

I sped up a tiny bit in the driveway and he says “you better not.”


Now at this point I should have just taken a deep breathe. Instead I slam on my brakes so all the bags go everywhere. Was that soft enough for you? My girls thought it was awesome.

The next morning he is driving, as soon as we leave we hear a bag rolling around.

You can bet your sweet ass I gave him “driving tips” all the way to town. As petty as it may have been I had so much fun with it. We finally get to town and stop to see what is in the back… was a freaking watermelon in a Wal-Mart bag. We both got a good laugh about it.

Yes he apologized and told me I was a good driver. It is nice to be with someone who can dish it out and take it otherwise life would get pretty boring.

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