No fear

I wish I had the bravery my kids do. Look at this video, Hailey had no idea what she was doing. She was just sure she was going to try to do a cartwheel. Even when she failed to do so she still struck a pose at the end. She did this over and over again until she got closer to a doing something awesome in her words. Never giving up never getting upset over it. She never did do a cartwheel, but she had fun trying. Honestly Hailey is usually scared of trying new things, scared of failure. We all are guilty of not trying new things due to fear of failing. So seeing her in this light made me so happy. I hope for both my girls and myself to not live in fear. So I will take a breathe and be bold and try new things without the fear of failing paralyzing me. I have to show my girls how it is done. Even though lately they have been showing me the right way to live. Hopefully in the next couple weeks I’ll post about something new I have done. 😁

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