How to take care of you

Let me start by saying I’m terrible at self care but I’m working on it. It is incredibly easy to never worry about yourself. For me my life is all about my two girls. I make sure they have everything they need 24/7.

I would probably be a better women/mom if I took some time for myself. As someone who deals with anxiety and depression this is vital to my mental health.

I have to leave myself reminder notes on the fridge like paint your nails, read a book do yoga. I don’t have the time or money to go out and do much for myself. I make the best of what I can do at home. That small time frame after the girls go to bed and before I do.

Now I do believe you need time outside the house for yourself as well. Lunch with a friend and a nature hike sound amazing but, I can’t count on always being able to do that.

The small things I do at home make a difference, the more I make time for myself the better I start feeling. I do breathing excerises to try to release my stress. I didn’t realize how stressed and tense I was until I started taking care of myself.

Mom’s and women in general tend to take care of everyone and everything but themselves. We are so busy we don’t notice how unhealthy we are, until you wake up and your 20lbs heavy and can’t keep up with your kids.

I’m curious what other people do for self care. What do you do even if it’s small to take care of yourself?

2 thoughts on “How to take care of you

  1. I love this . my daughter is 3 and my son is 1 . I work full time and even more so just getting a promotion. Iā€™m stressed to the max but trying to figure it out. Thanks for posting this and reminding me Iā€™m not alone in this. Let me know what helps you.


    1. I’m in the same boat here. I have to write things down to do to try and hold myself accountable. I hate doing it but exercise is the best for stress. that’s why I started doing yoga because I can quietly do it while the kids are sleeping. Or reading a book watching some trash tv, anything to take your mind off the day. Honestly starting this blog has helped as well.


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